Private Market Flood Insurance

We have our fingers on the pulse of the rapidly developing private flood market. Our job is to thoroughly vet all new private flood programs to ensure they meet the requirements of applicable Federal Laws and Federal Banking Regulations. This, in turn, ensures that all private market flood insurance we place for you will be acceptable to all Federally-regulated lenders.

We use private market flood insurance to achieve three goals:

  1. Maximize net operating income and asset values by decreasing flood insurance premiums compared to NFIP premiums
  2. Improve coverage by obtaining replacement cost coverage on buildings and business interruption/loss of rents coverage; both of which are not available from the NFIP
  3. Simplify the administration of primary layer flood insurance by writing one policy to cover many buildings and for which you choose the effective date that is most convenient to you.

We have access to more private flood programs than any other insurance broker, so we will deliver the best private flood insurance options to you.