Flood Zone Determination

CRIO offers an innovative and superior flood zone determination service that is designed to deliver results that are more accurate and more timely than the results of other flood zone determination providers. Our unique service is far more likely to prevent uninsured flood losses and enhance timely decision making, by solving many of the problems that are inherent to conventional flood zone determination processes.

The current industry standards are for lenders to run annual determinations on the anniversary of their initial determination and for insurance agents to, at best, run annual determinations as they approach each property insurance renewal. Both of these industry standards fail to identify map changes that occur in between the annual determinations and they fail to deliver results before a new flood map takes effect. These deficiencies leave you susceptible to substantial uninsured flood losses and unexpected increases to your budget. Our innovative flood zone determination service is designed to notify you of forthcoming flood map changes in real-time prior to a new flood map taking effect, which greatly reduces the risk of suffering uninsured flood losses and unexpected increases to your budget.

The current industry standard is for determinations to be based solely on geocode data and generated by systems that are completely automated, which increase the probability of error. Our proprietary process begins with Certified Floodplain Managers using property appraiser data to manually identify the correct parcel and then plot the parcel boundary and the footprint of each building to ensure accurate results.
The current industry standard is to base a determination on one pin point that is placed either at the mid-point of the boundary line adjoining the street or in the center of the parcel. Both of these processes are prone to error for large parcels or parcels with multiple buildings because they often span multiple flood zones. Our process ensures accurate results for every building regardless of the size of the property or the number of buildings on the property.

The current industry standard is to deliver a standard flood hazard determination form for each street address, which is an inefficient format for results for companies with sizable portfolios. Our system delivers a flood zone determination report in an Excel spreadsheet format, which makes it easy and quick to analyze results and to incorporate results in your schedule of values.

We also deliver flood map overlays which highlight the relationship between the flood zones and the parcel boundary and building footprint. Our flood map overlay allows you to visualize the relationship between your assets and the corresponding flood zones.

Why rely on outdated technology and processes when, for about the same cost, you can leverage our state-of-the-art technology platform and innovative process to monitor future flood zone changes for your entire portfolio in real-time. Our system identifies future flood zone changes a minimum of nine months before the new flood map and flood zone take effect. This affords time to work new flood insurance costs into a future budget or to prepare to reclassify the affected buildings out of the flood zone as soon as the new map takes effect. We are the only company that identifies future flood map changes before they take effect.