Flood Zone Correction

Flood zone correction services apply to all buildings that lenders, property insurance carriers, flood carriers or insurance brokers believe are in FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA). SFHA are 100-year flood zones, which are zones beginning with the letters A and V. The objective of flood zone correction is to remove eligible buildings from SFHA by having FEMA issue Letters Of Map Amendment (LOMA) and Letters Of Map Revision (LOMR) to reclassify buildings out of the SFHA and into the appropriate moderate risk zone (B or X-shaded) or low risk zone (C or X-unshaded).

Successful flood zone correction is our primary objective because it delivers the greatest benefits to you by:

  • Correcting erroneous flood zone classifications
  • Eliminating unwarranted flood insurance requirements imposed by lenders
  • Maximizing flood coverage afforded under a master property insurance policy
  • Eliminating unnecessary NFIP policies and the associated premiums
  • Increasing NOI and, therefore, asset values
  • Improving marketability of properties for sale