Flood Risk Analysis

Our process starts with a free flood risk analysis. There is no cost, no contract, no obligation and no downside risk to having us perform the free flood risk analysis for you. All we need begin the review is the flood policy declarations pages, the elevation certificates used to rate those polices if available, and a site plan for multiple building properties. Once we complete the comprehensive flood risk analysis, we will provide you with the results and, if we identify opportunities to improve your asset values, you can then hire us on a contingency fee basis to capitalize on those opportunities for you.

The benefits of our flood risk analysis:

  • Provides a thorough understanding of your true flood risk
  • Identifies unwarranted flood insurance requirements being imposed by your lenders
  • Identifies inaccurate flood zone designations that are causing you to incur unnecessary additional flood insurance costs that reduce asset values and to potentially suffer from flood insurance coverage restrictions under your property insurance policy
  • Identifies ways to effectively and efficiently overcome these challenges to improve asset values, enhance flood coverage, mitigate flood risk, and prevent uninsured losses