Flood Map Revision

Flood Map Revision services apply to coastal condominium buildings and other types of coastal buildings located in FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) that begins with the letter “V”. These zones are areas where FEMA projects a 100-year flood event will cause not only widespread inundation by floodwater, but also where velocity wave action from the storm surge may cause structural damage to buildings in its path. According to FEMA, V zones are the highest risk flood zones with the most substantial flood risk.

During each flood map revision project, our highly specialized coastal engineering team performs a detailed flood insurance study to determine the impact a 100-year flood event will have on your parcel of land, based on new data that is more recent and accurate than the data used by FEMA to create the current effective FIRM for your community that shows your building in a V zone. By using more recent and accurate data, and the same wave modeling and mapping techniques as FEMA, our flood study is far more accurate than the flood study that was used to create the V zone on the current FIRM.

Over 60% of the completed new flood studies show that the flood risk is substantially less than what FEMA reflects on its current FIRM, which allows us to reduce NFIP premiums by more than 90%.