CRIO Private Market Flood Program – Your Best Alternative to the NFIP

The Biggert-Waters Act of 2012 calls for private insurers to enter the flood marketplace to provide alternatives to NFIP insurance. CRIO offers an exclusive private market flood insurance program designed specifically for companies that have flood coverage through their master property insurance policy as an alternative to their primary layer of NFIP flood insurance for locations and/or buildings located in FEMA-designated SFHA. This private flood insurance program is designed to simplify the administration of primary layer flood coverage, enhance the coverage terms, and eliminate gaps in coverage between NFIP maximum limits and your flood deductible in your master property insurance policy.

The Benefits

  • One master policy instead of many individual NFIP policies.
  • One renewal date instead of scattered NFIP renewal dates, per your choice.
  • The per occurrence limit is tailored to match your flood deductible in your property insurance policy to eliminate gaps in coverage.
  • Replacement Cost Value (RCV) coverage instead of Actual Cash Value (ACV) coverage.
  • Option to include business interruption/loss of rents coverage which is unavailable through the NFIP.
  • Availability to choose a deductible that matches your risk tolerance and lender requirements instead of having to choose from the few NFIP deducible options.
  • Add and delete locations/buildings with ease in the same manner you add and delete to your master property, general liability and excess liability programs.
  • No annual aggregate limit.

The goal is to replace most, if not all, of your business NFIP flood policies to simplify administration while improving coverage and eliminating costly coverage gaps.

Download CRIO Private Market Flood Leaflet .pdf

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