Are You Properly Insured for Named Wind and Flood?

Today, June 1st, marks the beginning of the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season. For those of you with buildings in areas susceptible to damage from wind and/or storm surge resulting from tropical storms and hurricanes, your named windstorm and flood coverages are extremely important components of your risk management and insurance program. Even though weather experts predict that the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season will have less storms than average due to a strengthening El Nino, as victims of Katrina or Sandy would tell you, it only takes one storm hitting the area where your buildings are located to cause a substantial loss. Do not wait for a named windstorm event to bring to your attention deficiencies in your named windstorm or flood insurance coverage.

We are pleased to provide a free and independent review of your named windstorm and flood insurance coverages in conjunction with performing a thorough risk analysis on your portfolio to determine if your existing named windstorm and flood insurance coverages are sufficient to cover your exposure. A free second opinion from experts is always a good thing!

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