Levee Research

Levee research services are used as a follow on service when a portfolio review identifies that a property is protected by or in close proximity to a levee system, dam or other major flood protection device or system. We identify the true risk posed by the levee, dam or flood protection system, which may be very different than the risk associated with the flood zone classification shown on the current effective flood map for the area. This data allows you to make sound decisions regarding these locations, which may include placing additional flood insurance on the buildings, performing construction work to mitigate the flood risk or selling the property.

Levee research services deliver the following:

  • Identify the current FEMA accreditation status of the levee system, dam or other flood control device or system and whether or not it expected to be decertified in the near future.
  • The original design objective in terms of providing protection from 100-year and/or 500-year storms.
  • Who owns and is responsible for maintenance of it and whether or not it has been adequately maintained, whether or not the owner has delivered a certified inspection report to FEMA to maintain its accreditation.
  • Whether or not the levee system or other flood control device or system has suffered any overtopping, failure or seepage.

This data enables risk informed decision making for properties protected by or in close proximity to levee systems. It is critical to identify levee decertification in advance to ensure that you place NFIP flood coverage before you suffer an uninsured flood loss.

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